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Re: download von den isos bei version 3.1r0a mit jigdo

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 08:39:56PM +0200, Mark-Oliver Pfeiffer wrote:
> i tried to download the iso-files of the 3.1r0a release of debian with
> jigdo. the first one worked out great. but the second and following ones
> didn?t. jigdo said, that the files "...-binary-2.jigdo", ff. do not
> exist.
> is it a mistake by myself, or is there an error concerning the
> downloads?!?

Hi, can you give more details? What input did you provide to jigdo, what 
are the contents of your ~/.jigdo-lite file (or jigdo-lite-settings.txt 
under Windows), what were the exact error messages?

certainly exists, did you enter that as the .jigdo URL?



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