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Re: Debian sarge 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a

MJ Ray wrote:
>Parisot <parisot@villey-le-sec.com> wrote:
>> I would like to know :
>> 1 - What are the differences between 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a.
>Updated sources list - please see
>> 2 - Is it possible to work with a mixing of the two releases : 7 first 
>> CDs of the 3.1r0 version and the 7 last CDs of 3.1r0a.
>I would expect so, but I've not tested that theory.

The binary CDs are just about identical, apart from a one-line fix on
CD#1 in each binary set. The packages contained in the rest of the CDs
in each set are exactly the same in 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a.

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