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Re: Preview: Sarge release announcement

W. Borgert wrote:
> Some more ideas for the announcement (order not relevant):
> 1. "includes KDE, GNOME and GNUstep desktop environments" ->
>    "includes KDE, GNOME, Xfce4, and GNUstep desktop
>    environments" (My understanding of the popcon data is,
>    that Xfce4 is more popular than GNUstep.) [...]

Debian had a bit of a bad name among GNUsteppers (FHS I think,
but it predates me) and there was a derived distribution or two
(not sure whether there still is) which may depress the popcon
results. That won't improve if it's listed after Xfce4 in a
list of desktop environments.  Neither Backbone nor Etoile are
ready for this release. I'm glad that someone wants to promote
Debian to GNUsteppers, but I think sarge has just frameworks
and some apps. Gurkan probably knows more recent detail than me.

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