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Re: Errors building Woody version of release notes

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 06:30:04AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Hi,
> Suddenly there are errors [1] all over the place building the _woody_ 
> version of the release notes, even though AFAIK they are unchanged.
> I hope someone <small>Jens?</small> will be able to take a look at that.


You refer to build errors related to Chinese and Japanese builds, right?
I'm sure these errors occur since many years and will be fixed once
Sarge is installed on www-master.

I never tried to adapt the Makefile's of the stable release-notes and
I'm not sure whether it works to add a special path to $PATH since this
requires a symlink to DDP in
/org/www.debian.org/www/releases/sarge to work (release-notes are build
outside of DDP directory).

Does anyone know when www-master will be upgraded?

PS: Building release-notes seems to require approximately 80 min. That's
a very long time because of a necessary PHONY tag to force recreation
of dynamic.ent. Sad ...


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