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Bug#315949: /events/keysigning should mention signing-party package

Package: www.debian.org
File: http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning
Severity: wishlist


The page http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning introduces Debianers to
the concepts and practice of key signing. It might be a good idea to
mention the `signing-party' package on this page, which provides tools
to aid in several aspects of the process.

You could think of a paragraph like this:


The signing-party[0] Debian package provides some tools to help you with
this process. <tt>gpg-key2ps</tt> turns a GnuPG key into a PostScript
file to print paper slips with your fingerprint, and
<tt>gpg-mailkeys</tt> will email a signed key to its author. The package
also includes <tt>caff</tt> which is a more advanced tool. See the
package documentation for more information.

[0] http://packages.debian.org/signing-party


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