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[PATCH] Add a transition collision detector. [Debian-med-packaging] Bug#661426: Bug#661426: FTBFS Re: [PATCH] Add a transition collision detector. [PATCH] Add git and git-email. [security fix] New version of imagemagick targetting experimental [VUA 76-2] volatile archive discontinued Automatically identify the suite to use for udeb fetching Bug#573187: transition: mpi-defaults Bug#630201: marked as done (transition: liblzma 5) Bug#631019: Fwd: Re: Bug#657949: Cannot install libhdf5-mpi-dev and libnetcdf-dev Bug#631019: HDF5 transition from version 1.8.6 => 1.8.8 Bug#631019: HDF5 transition, the return! Bug#631019: Problem with HDF5 transition from version 1.8.6 => 1.8.8 Bug#634797: Fwd: Re: RFS: frei0r-plugins (upstream 1.3) Bug#634797: RFS: frei0r-plugins (upstream 1.3) Bug#634797: Transition priorities? Bug#639645: opu: package xpdf/3.02-1.4+lenny4 Re: Bug#646221: Uploading openvpn to stable Re: Fwd: Bug#647563: laptop-mode-tools: incompatible with linux 3.0 and later Bug#648775: marked as done (transition: mono 2.10) Bug#650601: transition: libpng 1.5 Bug#651326: update re: transition of muparser Bug#652479: transition: libindicator, libdbusmenu, libindicate Bug#652650: Imagemagick transition, ping again ? Bug#653195: transition: libarchive Bug#653823: marked as done (transition: boost-defaults) Bug#653871: libzip2 already uploaded to unstable (was: transition: libzip) Bug#653871: marked as done (transition: libzip) Bug#653871: transition: libzip Bug#654417: marked as done (transition: glew) Bug#654417: Migration on good tracks Re: Bug#654417: transition: glew Bug#655074: marked as done (transition: audiofile) Bug#655912: transition: libupnp3 -> libupnp6 Bug#656758: mini-transition: libquvi Bug#656829: transition: exiv2 - libexiv2-9 -> libexiv2-11 Bug#656839: Bug#646449: libosip2 upload to unstable Bug#656839: libosip2 upload to unstable Bug#656839: transition: linphone libexosip2 libosip2 Bug#657077: transition: php5 5.4 Bug#657266: marked as done (transition: yajl) Bug#657288: marked as done (transition: gdcm) Bug#657288: transition: gdcm Re: Bug#657445: your mail Bug#657722: pu: package clive/2.2.13-5+squeeze4 Bug#658203: marked as done (nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4) Bug#658203: nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4 Bug#658289: transition: python-numpy Bug#658327: marked as done (nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4) Bug#658327: nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4 Bug#658424: pu: package eglibc/2.11.3-3 Bug#658829: transition: db-defaults Bug#658908: marked as done (RM: phpldapadmin/ Bug#658908: RM: phpldapadmin/ Bug#658909: RM: kolab-cyrus-imapd/2.2.13p1-0.3 Bug#658937: needs rewriting Bug#659094: SONAME bump of libcryptsetup Bug#659202: transition: t38modem 2.0.0 Bug#659271: marked as done (RM: php-mdb2-driver-sqlite/1.5.0b2-1) Bug#659271: RM: php-mdb2-driver-sqlite/1.5.0b2-1 Bug#659304: marked as done (nmu: abiword_2.9.2+svn20120123-1) Bug#659304: nmu: abiword_2.9.2+svn20120123-1 Bug#659657: RM: libgtkada2 -- RoM, superseded by libgtkada Bug#659919: marked as done (nmu: alsa-plugins_1.0.25-1) Bug#659919: nmu: alsa-plugins_1.0.25-1 Bug#660022: [Pkg-opt-media-team] Bug#660403: cdparanoia (Re: transition status) Bug#660022: [Pkg-opt-media-team] Bug#660403: transition status Bug#660022: cdparanoia (Re: transition status) Bug#660022: transition status Bug#660022: transition: freebsd-libs Bug#660034: transition: libvpx Bug#660211: marked as done (nmu: kstars_4:4.7.4-1) Bug#660211: nmu: kstars_4:4.7.4-1 Fwd: Bug#660266: Failed to download Re: Bug#660266: Fwd: Bug#660266: Failed to download Bug#660409: Rewrite Britney's installability tester in python Bug#660551: RM: moodle/1.9.9.dfsg2-4 Bug#660693: pu: package xfce4-weather-plugin/0.7.3-3+b1 Bug#660785: transition: roaraudio Bug#661078: britney: ignore additional packages in Sources index Bug#661284: vlc: FTBFS on kfreebsd-* in testing Bug#661473: pu: package brltty/4.2-7+squeeze1 Bug#661586: nmu: telepathy-glib_0.16.2-1 Bug#661652: pu: package libxi/2:1.3-7 Bug#661746: nmu: netcdf related Can we do this? [Was: Re: How to tell users that ia32-libs will go away] Changes in GEOS library Re: The current kernel doesn't support the Logical Volume Manager. You may need to load the lvm-mod module. Re: Description-less packages file Re: freebsd-libs transition Re: freecad 0.12.5284-dfsg-4 MIGRATED to testing getting Debian Edu related updates into squeeze before next point release (was Re: gosa update for squeeze-proposed-updates) Re: getting the opencv rolling (and then the KDE ball) rolling gnubiff and the audiofile transition gosa update for squeeze-proposed-updates iceweasel 10 transition libguestfs and the erlang transition libvia transition libvpx/chromium/osmium more binnmus to improve the state of armhf testing netCDF 4.1.3 and beyond NEW changes in oldproposedupdates NEW changes in proposedupdates No output from Re: ongoing slepc/petsc transition Re: Planning for final lenny point release (5.0.10) Please accept the gnusound stable upload please binnmu pykde4 on armhf and s390x with a version suffix of -b2 please binNMU qemu and qemu-kvm in squeeze-backports please review/accept patch against fail2ban 0.8.4-3 in stable Processed (with 1 errors): SONAME bump of libcryptsetup Processed (with 5 errors): Re: Bug#653195: transition: libarchive Processed: affects 656829 Processed: affects 656839 Processed: affects 659202 Processed: block 573187 with 631019 657199 661663 571449 661661 Processed: block 573187 with 652258 661658 Processed: block 573187 with 661659 Processed: block 573187 with 661740 Processed: block 631019 with 657669 658281 658307 658310 Processed: block 653195 with 659294 Processed: block 653871 with 658549 Processed: block 653919 with 653195 Processed: block 653919 with 654417 Processed: block 654417 with 654283 Processed: block 654417 with 655048 Processed: block 654417 with 660415 Processed: block 654417 with 660450 Processed: block 656158 with 653919 Processed: block 657212 with 661078 Processed: block 657288 with 658753 Processed: block 659094 with 659182 Processed: block 660022 with 659615 659659 Processed: block 660022 with 660395 660396 660397 660398 660400 660401 660403 Processed: block 660022 with 660515 Processed: block 660022 with 661656 661657 Processed: libzip2 already uploaded to unstable (was: transition: libzip) Processed: Re: Bug#639645: opu: package xpdf/3.02-1.4+lenny4 Processed: Re: Bug#652479: transition: libindicator, libdbusmenu, libindicate Processed: Re: Bug#654417: transition: glew Processed: Re: Bug#657288: transition: gdcm Processed: Re: Bug#657722: pu: package clive/2.2.13-5+squeeze4 Processed: Re: Bug#658327: nmu: libproxy_0.3.1-4 Processed: Re: Bug#658424: pu: package eglibc/2.11.3-3 Processed: Re: Bug#658909: RM: kolab-cyrus-imapd/2.2.13p1-0.3 Processed: Re: Bug#659202: transition: t38modem 2.0.0 Processed: Re: Bug#659657: RM: libgtkada2 -- RoM, superseded by libgtkada Processed: Re: Bug#660409: Rewrite Britney's installability tester in python Processed: Re: Bug#660693: pu: package xfce4-weather-plugin/0.7.3-3+b1 Processed: Re: Bug#661078: britney: ignore additional packages in Sources index Processed: Re: Processed (with 2 errors): Re: Bug#660034: transition: libvpx Processed: reopening Processed: retitle 659202 to transition: ptlib opal t38modem ekiga Processed: submitter 657077 Processed: submitter 660022 Processed: tagging 573187 Processed: tagging 653823 Processed: tagging 656587 Processed: tagging 657722 Processed: tagging 658289 Processed: tagging 660785, tagging 656839 Processed: tagging as pending bugs that are closed by packages in NEW Processed: unblock 634797 with 631822 Processed: your mail Re: Proposed stable update for procps Proposed update for ecl package python-virtualenv: security fix leaves behind orphaned temporary directories RFC: Migrating to TIFF 4.0.1 Re: RFS: libconfig (requires transition) Re: taxbird: Version for 2011 available upstream Testing in sources.list still useful for Unstable/Sid users? transition: freebsd-libs Upcoming oldstable point release Upcoming transition of php5 to 5.4 Re: Updating gosa package in squeeze Uploading linux-2.6 (3.2.6-1) Uploading openvpn to stable Re: versioned tiff uploaded to experimental what to do about waf bugs in squeeze? x264 mini-transition soname 118->120 The last update was on 16:11 GMT Sun Apr 23. 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