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Re: getting the opencv rolling (and then the KDE ball) rolling

On 01.02.2012 00:11, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> Apparantly there seems to be 3 issues blocking opencv transition
> 1) frei0r.
> Fails to build against newer opencv. frei0r is a git snapshot from *urgh* 
> 2009, and seems pretty unmaintained. Current git master seems to build, but 
> rather than NMU'ing to a newer random snapshot. No words from maintainer. No 
> rdeps. I suggest removal

Not quite true afaics. The GNOME desktop depends on frei0r indirectly
via gnome → cheese → gnome-video-effects → frei0r

Dropping frei0r means we could no longer build gnome-video-effects.

As Laurent has been working mostly on gnome-video-effects, I've CCed him
as I'd like his opinion on this.

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