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Re: gosa update for squeeze-proposed-updates

On Wed, 2012-02-01 at 01:47 +0100, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> 1.) #650258 [i|+|☺] [gosa] dhcpHost not removed if system is removed
>      -> already fixed in sid
> 2.) #657086 [i|  |  ] [gosa] gosa: Should use characters in idGenerator rule,
>                         not bytes
>      -> only occurs in the squeeze version

More accurately, it was already resolved upstream before anyone reported
it to the BTS.

+gosa (2.6.11-4) stable; urgency=low

2.6.11-3+squeeze1 would be a more conventional version number, although
-4 would be okay as long as there has never been a package with that
version in the Debian archive.

Please go ahead; thanks.



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