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what to do about waf bugs in squeeze?

       Dear Alexander,

 I wrote you a ping a month ago to remind you about what to do with the
"Doesn't contain source for waf binary code" release critical bugreports
for squeeze.  You told me you don't think they need to get fixed for
squeeze, but yet they still are in the list of outstanding release
critical bugreports for stable.

 I guess you have simply forgot, see this as a kind reminder.  I still
wonder what would be the proper tagging for them, because to me, tagging
them + wheezy sid seems not correct, the issue is also present in
squeeze.  I do not think the ftpmaster team should/can say that a bug
does not affect a certain release, this should be up to the release
team, so squeeze-ignore sounds appropriate to me -- but that has to be
discussed with the release team.

 Hope we can get those off the list soonish, and thanks so far,
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