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Bug#659202: transition: t38modem 2.0.0

On 26/02/12 06:36, Mark Purcell wrote:
On Sun, 26 Feb 2012 07:07:11 Cyril Brulebois wrote:
Michael van der Kolff<mvanderkolff@gmail.com>  (26/02/2012):
Libopal3.10.1 replaces 3.8; ekiga&  t38modem are upgraded.

I assume you meant libopal3.6.8; it looks fine, so please go ahead.

Eugen, Kilian,

We have the green light for a opal/ ptlib/ t38modem/ ekiga transition.

I intend to go forward and upload ptlib/2.10.4, opal/3.10.4&  t38modem/2.0.0
to unstable.

Do you wish to upgrade ekiga in unstable to 3.3.1 or leave it at 3.2.7 in

If the latter then we can create an NEW {opal3,ptlib2}6.7-lalande package so
we don't have to rush the ekiga transition.

Hi Mark,

And thank you to contact us.

In a few weeks we will release ekiga 4.0, which will be based on ptlib 2.10.5 and opal 3.10.5. From ekiga point of view, the best is to wait until this comes out, at which point ekiga 3.2.7 (ptlib/opal 2-3.6.7) and ekiga 3.3.1 (with ptlib/opal 2-3.10.1) can be removed.

If you cannot wait, then remove 3.3.1 with its deps from experimental. Ekiga 3.2.7 and its deps will then be removed in a few weeks.

Anyway, if you release a new ptlib, please create a new package, libpt2.10.X-plugin-pulse, containing its pulse plugin. This is also on my TODO list :o(


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