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Re: more binnmus to improve the state of armhf testing

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 23:37:34 +0000, peter green wrote:

> Here are some more binnmus to get binary packages into armhf testing
> that don't look like they will migrate from unstable any time soon.
What makes you think that?

> nmu transfig hdf5 emacs23 libgtk2-perl audacious audacious-plugins
> transfig vlc . armhf . testing .  -m 'build for armhf testing'
> nmu 3 netcdf . armhf . unstable .  -m 'rebuild in armhf unstable
> with +b3 suffix to make +b2 suffix available for testing'
> nmu 2 netcdf . armhf . testing .  -m 'build for armhf testing'
hdf5 and friends will migrate soonish.  vlc's already in sync.
transfig, libgtk2-perl and audacious-* need their bugs fixed.  The
netcdf stuff is just crazy.  But now I see somebody scheduled those
anyway.  *sigh*.


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