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Bug#661078: britney: ignore additional packages in Sources index

Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> writes:
> I believe Britney already handles this reasonably[1].  Of course, I
> assume here that by "ignore" you mean it is (also) okay for Britney not
> to include them in the resulting HeidiResult file.

That is fine.

> Assuming there will be a source package in Sources only kept due to
> Built-Using, then Britney may (or may not) keep its counterpart in
> testing until the source package disappears from Sources (in sid).  If
> it does not have any binaries and it is not in testing, then she will at
> least keep it out of testing[2].

dak would also include them in Sources for testing, britney could not
remove them as they are handled differently in dak.  Would britney
handle that as well?

For reference here are the sources that would currently be included in
Sources right now:

WITH extra_sources AS
  (SELECT DISTINCT es.src_id
   FROM extra_src_references es JOIN bin_associations ba
   ON es.bin_id = ba.bin WHERE ba.suite = 4
   EXCEPT SELECT source FROM src_associations WHERE suite = 4)
SELECT source, version FROM source WHERE id IN (SELECT * FROM extra_sources);

For testing (suite=4):
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.2-6
 binutils | 2.22-2
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.2-1
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.1-16
 binutils | 2.22-1
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.2-5

For unstable (suite=5):
 gdb      | 7.3-1
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.0-9
 gcc-4.6  | 4.6.2-14
 binutils | 2.22-1


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