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RFC: Migrating to TIFF 4.0.1

Hi RMs 

I'm going to link GeoTiff against the new libtiff5. Of course, the Geotiff
library does not change its own interface and soname at all, but a few rdeps
link both GeoTIFF AND the old TIFF, so a similar change is requested for
those programs. In the meantime, I would expect some breakages in those
packages which would try linking both the new and the old TIFF library. 

The result I suspect would depend on the order of linking (but I'm not 
sure about that). A better plan would be introducing an ad-hoc SONAME
in current GeoTIFF and manage a proper transition for all. This would
be also a better solution for non packaged programs out there.

Do you confirm?

Francesco P. Lovergine

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