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Re: please review/accept patch against fail2ban 0.8.4-3 in stable

> Yaroslav Halchenko <yoh@debian.org> (16/02/2012):
> > I have marked 635746 as fixed in 0.8.4+svn20110323-1 and tagged with
> > squeeze

> This is a bit confusing. From the version graph, squeeze is still
> unaffected?

probably because original report was missing version, so did now 

bts found 635746 0.8.4-3

would it be of help?

> > is that what was necessary?
> Clarifying that stable is affected and sid/testing has a (possibly
> harmless) fix is what we like. Helps us make sure the fix does not harm.

thanks for the explanation -- I just wondered if the step I have done
were the ones you were wanting me to do ;)

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