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Website của bạn chưa có nhiều lượt liên hệ từ khách hàng.... Re: [Pkg-netatalk-devel] Bug#685878: Another year has passed, still no netatalk3 Bug#699116: ITP: libpam-ldap -- Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP Bug#800579: ITP: abego-treelayout -- Efficient and customizable treeLayout algorithm in Java Bug#800591: ITP: erlang-oauth2 -- library for server side implementation of OAuth2 Bug#800606: ITP: antlr4 -- ANTLR Parser Generator Bug#800609: ITP: libdevel-confess-perl -- module to include stack traces on all warnings and errors Bug#800630: ITP: denyhosts-server -- Denyhosts synchronisation server Bug#800700: ITP: python-keystoneauth1 -- authentication library for OpenStack Identity Bug#800702: ITP: python-jwcrypto -- Python implementation of JOSE Web standards Bug#800717: ITP: python-twistar -- Python ORM library for the Twisted framework Bug#800735: ITP: custodia -- Modular and pluggable Secrets Manager Bug#800739: ITP: python-burrito-fillings -- burrito application controllers for bioinformatics Bug#800760: ITP: python-certifi -- collection of Root Certificates for validating the trustworthiness of SSL certificates while verifying the identity of TLS hosts Re: Bug#800769: pbuilder: conffiles not removed Bug#800771: ITP: telegram-purple -- Adds support for Telegram to libpurple Bug#800815: ITP: fonts-kristi -- Kristi font Bug#800844: ITP: bhyve -- hypervisor/virtual machine manager for FreeBSD Bug#800897: duplicate of Bug#726171 (ITP: libjs-zxcvbn -- realistic password strength estimation) Bug#800897: ITP: zxcvbn.js -- JavaScript password strength estimator Bug#800930: ITP: ratt -- Rebuild All The Things! Bug#800932: ITP: andi -- Efficient Estimation of Evolutionary Distances Bug#800939: ITP: python-openstackdocstheme -- extension support for Sphin OpenStack doc Bug#800956: ITP: zgen -- A lightweight plugin manager for ZSH inspired by Antigen Bug#800960: ITP: r-cran-xlconnect -- comprehensive R package to read, write and format Excel data Bug#800962: ITP: python-ironic-inspector-client -- client for Ironic Inspector Bug#801051: ITP: golang-github-skratchdot-open-golang -- Abstraction to open URIs using a same object type Bug#801085: ITP: r-cran-stringi -- GNU R character string processing facilities Bug#801133: ITP: node-tern -- JavaScript code analyzer for text editors Bug#801134: general: Laptops's external screen is blank despite still recognised by Settings>Dispaly Bug#801195: ITP: libjs-zeroclipboard -- easy copy text in browser to clipboard Bug#801196: ITP: node-katex -- Fast math typesetting for the web Bug#801199: ITP: node-vega -- visualization grammar Bug#801202: ITP: node-underscore.string -- string manipulation helpers for javascript Bug#801204: ITP: node-blueimp-tmpl -- JavaScript templating engine Bug#801218: ITP: node-vega-dataflow -- Vega streaming dataflow graph Bug#801219: ITP: node-vega-expression -- Vega expression parser and code generator Bug#801220: ITP: node-vega-scenegraph -- Vega scenegraph and renderers Bug#801221: ITP: node-vega-logging -- Vega logging utilities Bug#801225: ITP: node-datalib -- JavaScript data utility library Bug#801229: ITP: icestorm -- Tools to handle the bitstream format of Lattice iCE40 FPGAs Bug#801230: ITP: arachne-pnr -- Place and route tool for FGPAs Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager Bug#801254: ITP: libmemcached-libmemcached-perl -- thin, fast, full interface to the libmemcached client API Bug#801306: ITP: python-oset -- An ordered set data structure for Python Bug#801307: ITP: pybtex-docutils -- A docutils backend for pybtex Bug#801309: ITP: python-latexcodec -- A lexer and codec to work with LaTeX code in Python. Bug#801334: ITP: pypi2deb -- PyPI to Debian converter Bug#801358: ITP: fonts-babelstone-modern -- BabelStone Modern font Bug#801397: ITP: tuptime -- Report historical and statistical running time of the system, keeping it between restarts. Bug#801408: ITP: python-duckduckgo2 -- Library for querying the DuckDuckGo API Bug#801420: ITP: mbedtls -- lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library Bug#801583: ITP: python-ironic-lib -- common library used by various Ironic projects Bug#801606: ITP: placnet -- Plasmid Constellation Network project Bug#801616: ITP: puppet-module-edgester-kerberos -- A puppet module for managing MIT Kerberos clients and servers Bug#801643: RFA: fox1.6 -- FOX C++ GUI Toolkit Bug#801646: general: full hd because /var/log/syslog.1 too big Bug#801646: marked as done (general: full hd because /var/log/syslog.1 too big) Bug#801683: ITP: gradle-debian-helper -- Helper tools for building Debian packages with Gradle Bug#801721: ITP: python-pyfasta -- fast, memory-efficient Python access to fasta sequence files Bug#801722: ITP: python-pyvcf -- Variant Call Format (VCF) parser for Python Bug#801748: ITP: python-restructuredtext-lint -- reStructuredText linter Bug#801750: ITP: python-doc8 -- style checker for Sphinx (or other) RST documentation Bug#801771: ITP: python-sphinx-openstackdocs-theme -- OpenStack docs sphinx theme Bug#801787: ITP: fonts-pt-sans - Public Types of Russian Federation - sans serif Bug#801801: ITP: python-phpserialize -- Python port of PHP's serialize and unserialize functions Bug#801811: ITP: libcrypt-openssl-pkcs10-perl -- Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS10 API. Bug#801813: ITP: sphinxcontrib-rubydomain -- Ruby domain for HTTP APIs Bug#801816: ITP: libcrypt-openssl-pkcs12-perl -- Perl extension to OpenSSL's PKCS12 API Bug#801830: ITP: xul-ext-kf5wallet -- kwallet integration for firefox Bug#801837: ITP: yank -- interactively select and yank terminal output to stdout or xsel Bug#801842: ITP: python-pulp -- an LP modeler Bug#801856: ITP: twextpy -- Python module consisting of extensions to the Twisted Framework Bug#801857: ITP: twextpy -- Python module consisting of extensions to the Twisted Framework Bug#801858: ITP: glui -- GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications Bug#801859: ITP: pg8000 -- Pure-Python PostgreSQL Driver Bug#801863: ITP: congress -- OpenStack Policy as a Service Bug#801896: ITP: libratbag -- configuration library for gaming mice Bug#801919: ITP: php-pear -- PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository Bug#801995: RFP: libcometd2-java - scalable comet (server push) implementation for the web Bug#801996: RFP: libcxf2-java - open source services framework Bug#801997: RFP: antlr4 - language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc Bug#801998: RFP: libgroovycsv-groovy-java - simple CSV parsing library for groovy Bug#802002: RFP: libgraxxia-groovy-java - wrappers for doing Mathematics in Groovy Bug#802008: ITP: node-seq -- Chainable asynchronous flow control Bug#802012: ITP: node-isstream -- Determine if an object is a Stream Bug#802041: ITP: python-avro -- Python interface to Apache Avro data serialization system Bug#802151: RFA: cowdancer -- pbuilder running on cowdancer Bug#802163: ITP: libsereal-perl -- fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization module wrapper Bug#802194: RFP: apache-spark - lightning-fast cluster computing Bug#802207: RFP: julia-gadfly Bug#802209: RFP: libjs-p5 - javascript graphics library inspired by Processing Bug#802219: RFP: libfluent-hc-java - HTTP/1.1 compliant HTTP agent implementation - fluent-hc module Bug#802225: ITP: libchatbot-eliza-perl -- Chatbot::Eliza Bug#802226: ITP: gnome-twitch -- GNOME Twitch app for watching streams without a browser or flash. Bug#802237: RFP: node-when - solid, fast Promises/A+ and when() implementation Bug#802238: RFP: libjs-angular-ui-bootstrap - Bootstrap components written in pure AngularJS Bug#802239: RFP: iruby - Ruby kernel for Jupyter/IPython Notebook Bug#802240: RFP: libjs-scrollin - do something great when an element enters the viewport Bug#802242: RFP: node-big.js - small and fast arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic Bug#802243: RFP: libjs-blueimp-canvas-to-blob - polyfill for canvas.toBlob method Bug#802244: RFP: libjs-blueimp-load-image - load images from file, blob or URL Bug#802247: RFP: libjs-ngstorage - localStorage and sessionStorage done right for AngularJS Bug#802253: RFP: libjs-blueimp-file-upload - rich file Upload widget for jQuery Bug#802254: RFP: libjs-jquery.datatables - table plug-in for jQuery Bug#802257: RFP: - FixedColumns for DataTables Bug#802258: RFP: - ColReorder for DataTables Bug#802262: RFP: node-moment-timezone - parse and display moments in any timezone Bug#802263: RFP: r-cran-rjsonio - serialize R objects to JSON Bug#802269: ITP: drumgizmo -- Drum audio sampler plugin and stand-alone application that simulates a real drum kit Bug#802279: ITP: jeromq -- Java implementation of the ZeroMQ messaging library Bug#802280: ITP: python-django-localflavor -- Country-specific Django helpers Bug#802286: ITP: golang-github-xyproto-pinterface -- Interface types for xyproto simple* and pemission* packges Bug#802291: ITP: golang-github-xyproto-simpleredis -- Easy way to use Redis from Go Bug#802295: ITP: golang-github-miekg-dns -- DNS library in Go Bug#802296: ITP: golang-github-stathat-go -- Go package for reporting stat counts and values to StatHat Bug#802312: ITP: tomcat9 -- Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine Bug#802325: ITP: prottest -- selection of best-fit models of protein evolution Bug#802333: ITP: geronimo-concurrent-1.0-spec -- Apache Geronimo Concurrency Utilities for Java EE API Bug#802394: ITP: node-reserved -- List of JavaScript reserved words Bug#802401: ITP: node-ast-types -- Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API Bug#802411: ITP: node-posix-getopt -- POSIX-style getopt() Bug#802439: ITP: node-recast -- Pretty printer and syntax tree transformer for JavaScript Bug#802441: ITP: ast-util -- Utilities for AST transformers Bug#802443: ITP: node-es6-module-transpiler -- Module transpiler from ECMAScript 6 for Node.js Bug#802447: ITP: node-es6-promise -- Lightweight async code library for JavaScript Bug#802457: ITP: APLpy -- Astronomical Plotting Library in Python Bug#802463: ITP: rkflashtool -- Tools for flashing Rockchip devices Bug#802468: ITP: spectral-cube -- Read, manipulate, analyze, and write astronomical data cubes Bug#802491: ITP: python-kdcproxy -- Kerberos KDC HTTP proxy WSGI module for python Bug#802518: ITP: node-deep-equal -- node's assert.deepEqual algorithm Bug#802536: RFS: python-ncclient/0.4.5-1 Bug#802585: ITP: httpcomponents-asyncclient -- HTTP/1.1 compliant asynchronous HTTP agent implementation Bug#802595: ITP: node-defined -- return the first argument that is `!== undefined` Bug#802609: ITP: oddjob -- D-Bus service which runs odd jobs Bug#802622: ITP: libperinci-cmdline-perl -- Rinci/Riap-based command-line application framework Bug#802623: ITP: libmath-base-convert-perl -- module for very fast base to base conversion Bug#802629: ITP: geronimo-jta-1.2-spec -- Apache Geronimo JTA 1.2 API Bug#802660: RFP: Libreoffice (calc) -- libreoffice, calc Bug#802727: ITP: pytest-django -- Test Django project/applications with pytest. Bug#802730: ITP: python-setuptools-scm -- Handles managing your python package versions in scm metadata. Bug#802739: ITP: artemis -- genome browser and annotation tool Bug#802740: ITP: juliadoc -- Julia language documentation theme for Sphinx Bug#802743: ITP: golang-github-imdario-mergo -- Functions to merge structs and maps in Go Bug#802744: ITP: golang-github-golang-groupcache -- Caching and cache-filling library, a replacement for memcached Bug#802755: ITP: bgpq3 -- automatic BGP filter generator using RADB data Bug#802758: ITP: zsh-syntax-highlighting -- Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh Bug#802805: ITP: otto -- easy development and deployment for cloud platforms Bug#802806: ITP: fades -- the virtualenv automagic cache Bug#802852: ITP: rhvoice -- free and open source speech synthesizer Bug#802854: ITP: kore -- Fast SPDY capable web server for web development in C Bug#802876: ITP: node-jison -- an API for creating parsers in JavaScript Bug#802892: ITP: libtk-doubleclick-perl -- Perl/Tk function to handle double and single clicks Bug#802925: ITP: python-etcd -- Python client for etcd Bug#802930: ITP: libtest-tempdir-tiny-perl -- Temporary directories that stick around when tests fail Bug#802948: ITP: python-mmh3 -- Python wrapper for MurmurHash (MurmurHash3) Bug#802957: ITP: libmoosex-meta-typeconstraint-mooish-perl -- module to translate Moo-style constraints to Moose-style Bug#802965: ITP: golang-github-mitchellh-iochan -- Go library for turning `io.Reader` into channels Bug#803015: ITP: glimpse -- search quickly through entire file systems Bug#803038: ITP: ccdproc -- Basic data reductions of astronomy CCD images Bug#803077: ITP: librdf-lazy-perl -- lazy typing access to RDF data Bug#803080: ITP: libtest-cpan-meta-json-perl -- module to validate CPAN META.json files Bug#803111: ITP: python-flask-rdf -- Flask decorator to output RDF using content negotiation Bug#803180: ITP: tboot -- Trusted Boot VMM module that uses Intel Trusted Execution Bug#803195: RFA: spark -- SPARK programming language toolset Bug#803196: RFA: swi-prolog -- ISO/Edinburgh-style Prolog interpreter Bug#803213: ITP: golang-gopkg-olivere-elastic.v2 -- Elasticsearch client for Golang Bug#803257: ITP: reactivedata -- FRP with incremental changes in data structures Bug#803280: ITP: libtext-unicode-equivalents-perl -- build Unicode canonically equivalent strings Bug#803303: general: Standardized troubleshooting Bug#803354: ITP: dsfmt -- dSFMT pseudorandom number generator Bug#803400: ITP: dgedit -- Drum kit editor for DrumGizmo Bug#803413: ITP: gcp-cups-connector -- Print to CUPS printers from Google Cloud Print Bug#803426: ITP: clitest -- performs automatic testing in command lines Bug#803491: ITP: gosa-plugin-pwreset -- Password Management Add-On for GOsa² Bug#803502: ITP: osquery -- operating system instrumentation framework Bug#803532: ITP: magnum -- OpenStack containers as a service Bug#803542: ITP: trnascan-se -- detection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequence Bug#803543: ITP: r-cran-praise -- GNU R praise users Bug#803553: ITP: php-sca-sdo -- Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) for PHP Bug#803570: ITP: broccoli -- Bro client communications library Bug#803571: ITP: broccoli-python -- Python bindings for Bro client communications library Bug#803572: ITP: broccoli-ruby -- Ruby bindings for Bro client communications library Bug#803584: ITP: webwork -- Open source online homework system Bug#803588: ITP: db2twitter -- simple Twitter bot using a database to build and send tweets Bug#803616: ITP: r-bioc-summarizedexperiment -- BioConductor assay container Bug#803617: ITP: python-letsencrypt-apache -- Apache plugin for Let's Encrypt Re: Debian is not welcome on Microsoft Azure Re: Defaulting to i686 for the Debian i386 architecture Domain page for wiki of particular debian documentation sources Help needed talking to upstream browser developers about Debian SSO Re: how PTS tracks new upstream versions using debian/watch ? How to get (DFSG-free) Brother drivers into Debian init script, installed but not activated Re: is the whole unstable still broken by gcc-5? iscsi support in Jessie ITP: opengm -- C++ template library for discrete factor graph models ITR: jade (source) sp, libsp1c2, libsp1-dev, jade (binary) ITR: openjade1.3 (source and binary) Linux kernels v3.18.x and v4.2.x in sid package description translation bugs Re: partial architectures -- was: Re: Defaulting to i686 for the Debian i386 architecture PCRE package naming Re: pro-active removals Processed: reassign 782003 to gnome-system-tools Question about flashplugin-nonfree Re: Replacing ldconfig maintscripts with declarative methods Request for documentation about creation of Debian Language Packs Re: Status of the src:lsb package Stockfish still outdated, new version required Suggestion for the DontBreakDebian wiki page section "Dont 'make install'" Fwd: Trilinos: to split or not to split? Video-team sprint 4-6 November Who is the most energetic DD Re: why jessie is quick at boot/shutdown Work-needing packages report for Oct 16, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Oct 2, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Oct 23, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Oct 30, 2015 Work-needing packages report for Oct 9, 2015 The last update was on 17:04 GMT Sun May 19. There are 345 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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