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Re: Bug#801837: ITP: yank -- interactively select and yank terminal output to stdout or xsel

Le jeudi 15 octobre 2015, 11:29:00 Sébastien Delafond a écrit :
Sounds very cool, but apt-file tells me this name is already taken:

emboss: /usr/bin/yank

I think I'll keep the package name, but I'll install the binary itself under some other name, maybe something like /usr/bin/yank-cli ?

Please talk to upstream (or maybe to both upstreams) before renaming anything.

* Alexandre Detiste <alexandre.detiste@gmail.com>, 2015-10-15, 18:14:
from [1], I see that emboss ships 261 programs in /usr/bin/ including cool names like "banana", "chaos", "needle", "water", "wobble" ... so this means all these names can't be re-used forerver :-(

Eeek... https://lists.debian.org/20070428095345.GA9041@kunpuu.plessy.org

Current /usr/bin/yank [2] is 10 lines of code,

Um, length of the source file that contains main() is a very poor measure of program's complexity or usefulness.

Jakub Wilk

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