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Domain page for wiki of particular debian documentation sources


I am working on developing some custom language packs for the Linux community. A lot of distributions use a Debian source seems the case, so I wanted to start with some language packs in Debian because I use my Debian system most (I as well use Ubuntu for most of my vps hosts, though for my home I prefer Debian). I am with hopes to port these language packs for other system users as well as necessary.

I am wanting to provide some basic instructions on the process of creating a Tolkein Elvish language pack, using the Elven font & implementing a rudimentary dictionary for the system so that various translations can be automated, & anything else that might be requested.

My question is two-fold:

1) Is there anybody else in the mailing list or a notorious community member/leader whom works a lot with the language packs or has a specific interest in the topic & some know-how whom would want to be involved or has requests/concers?
If so, send me an email at linushughes77@gmail.com

2) Is there a domain page for wiki editing & posting of particular documentation sources for Debian? I'd be happy to first create a preview of the instructions or documentation I wish to provide to the community. I think the topic of Language Pack creation could be extremely helpful to various of the community members. As the system develops, even to have personal language settings & ease of custom language configuration could help community members tremendously.

Much oblige for your time.


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