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Suggestion for the DontBreakDebian wiki page section "Dont 'make install'"

Hello guys.

I was checking the DontBreakDebian wiki page and I realized one thing.

In the section "Don't 'make install'" there is no mention to the
alternative path installation options in automake or other building
systems. Some people install packages in the system using "sudo" or
root when the option for installing the software to the user is almost
always available (--prefix=~/.local , etc). Giving that many people is
going to end using root for installing software, I think mentioning it
in this section will help to maintain the users systems clean.

I was considering myself adding a quick note to the section, but I am
not an English native speaker and I am concerned with the quality of
my contribution.

Will someone consider this and contribute it?

Sorry for not doing the work myself :(


P.D. Wrong mail-list? I was also thinking about "deity" but I was not
sure and it ended here. I will repost it if you think there is a
better place for this discussion.

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