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Re: Domain page for wiki of particular debian documentation sources

Quoting Simon Richter (2015-10-08 17:41:10)
> On 08.10.2015 16:29, Linus Hughes wrote:
>> I am wanting to provide some basic instructions on the process of 
>> creating a Tolkein Elvish language pack, using the Elven font & 
>> implementing a rudimentary dictionary for the system so that various 
>> translations can be automated, & anything else that might be 
>> requested.
> I'm not sure there are Unicode code points assigned for this language, 
> which would present an additional hurdle, as the language may be used 
> in a mixed environment -- for example, if I call "df" once with 
> Japanese and once with Elvish locale set, I expect the output from 
> both to be displayed properly, so these should not conflict in their 
> use of character code points.

You might be interested in the real language Elfdalian which uses (or 
used in the past, nowadays it seems they transliterate in latin letters) 
a flavor of runes for writing.


Apart from being covered by Unicode you might even get EU funding for 
such project, as the language is in danger of getting extinct and 
(according to Wikipedia) Council of Europe is pushing to help avoid 

 - Jonas

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