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Re: Defaulting to i686 for the Debian i386 architecture

On Sun, 2015-10-04 at 15:03 +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Hi,
> Ben Hutchings wrote:
> > We propose to drop support for i386 processors older than 686-class in
> > the current release cycle.  This would include folding libc6-i686 into
> > libc6, changing the default target for gcc, and changing the 586 kernel
> > flavour to 686 (non-PAE).
> Please don't. It already hurt that i486 support was dropped with
> Jessie and i468SX (Vortex86 SX, http://www.vortex86.com/?p=145) with
> IIRC Wheezy.

I stopped reading here because this is incorrect (by 2 releases).


Ben Hutchings
Any smoothly functioning technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.

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