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Re: why jessie is quick at boot/shutdown

Am 08.10.2015 um 13:08 schrieb Riley Baird:

>> "bootlogd - daemon to log boot messages"
>> Bootlogd may or may not be default installed on various systems. Just
>> for funnsies, running the command "dpkg -s bootlogd" reflects it's NOT
>> on my extremely basic (homegrown) debootstrap copy.
>> Hope this helps someone somewhere.. :)
> Thanks! This is a much more useful answer; I had assumed that it was
> a limitation in the init system. I'll try to enable bootlogd now. :)

bootlogd is a hack and does not work properly under sysvinit and not at
all under systemd. It should not be used. There is a reason why it is no
longer installed by default.

If you want to see the boot messages, you can use journalctl to inspect
them after you booted.

If you want to see the boot messages *during* boot, remove the "quiet"
flag from the kernel command line or set or set one of the systemd.*
parameters like systemd.show_status=, systemd.log_level= etc.

See man kernel-command-line.

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