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Re: PCRE package naming

Hi Matthew,

On 22.10.2015 16:47, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> Upstream has a new PCRE library, which they hope everyone will
> eventually migrate to, which is called PCRE2. It is currently version
> 10.20. It ships things named like libpcre2-8.so.0, and its pcregrep is
> called pcre2grep.

That should probably translate to "libpcre2-8-0" and "libpcre2-dev",
although it is suboptimal that the existing -dev package is called
"libpcre3-dev", probably for historical reasons.

> The natural thing to call the PCRE2 packages is pcre2, but that's going
> to lead to confusion - ISTM that something that makes it clear that
> PCRE2 is newer than PCRE is desirable. And, obviously, PCRE & PCRE2 need
> to be co-installable.

The shared libraries will be co-installable without problems, obviously.
For the -dev packages, I wonder whether pcre2 can be used as a drop-in
(which would lead almost certainly mean that the -dev packages would

If -dev packages conflict, that is not a huge issue, as long as only one
of them has a higher priority than "extra". This has been used for
library transitions quite often, and the old library package still needs
to exist during the transition anyway.


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