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Re: Bug#800769: pbuilder: conffiles not removed

 ❦ 12 octobre 2015 17:45 +0200, Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org> :

> I'd suggest to do something very simple instead:
> In pbuilder's postinst, if pbuilder-uml status is not-installed,
> simply rm -f /etc/pbuilder/pbuilder-uml.conf.

If for some reason, a user has put a file with this exact same name
here, it would be deleted. For example, Ulrich Matthias Lang could make
a copy of pbuilder.conf to pbuilder-uml.conf before doing a
modification. How would they know that a package they never installed
did contain the same path?

> Another possibility is to refrain from fixing the bug, and let unlucky
> users clean their systems themselves.

I think that's the best solution. All the more if the faulty package
lived only a few days in unstable. All other tentatives would just
trigger more problems.
Watch out for off-by-one errors.
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