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Bug#802237: RFP: node-when - solid, fast Promises/A+ and when() implementation

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : node-when
  Version         : 
  Upstream Author : Brian Cavalier
* URL             : http://cujojs.com/
* License         : Expat
  Programming Lang: Javascript
  Description     : solid, fast Promises/A+ and when() implementation

 When.js is a rock solid, battle-tested Promises/A+ and when() 
 implementation, including a complete ES6 Promise shim. It's a 
 powerful combination of small size, high performance, debuggability, 
 and rich features:
  * Resolve arrays and hashes of promises, as well as infinite 
    promise sequences
  * Execute tasks in parallel or sequentially
  * Transform Node-style and other callback-based APIs into 
    promise-based APIs
 When.js is one of the many stand-alone components of cujoJS, the 
 JavaScript Architectural Toolkit.

Package is needed by beaker-notebook (bug#795980) and the ShowMeBox 
project: https://wiki.debian.org/ShowMeBox - if interested, see also 

Cc'ing Debian Javascript Maintainers in the hope they will pick this up.

 - Jonas

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