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Request for documentation about creation of Debian Language Packs


I would like to request some documentation be provided to the public forums or just myself appertaining the process of how a person can create a unique language pack for Debian.

A couple of example language packs which could be created of community members would be,

Personal English for personal language configurations
(If I lived in the south & I wanted to include "Yall" in my dictionary, though not the system dictionary, that should be a documented process of how I would go about creating that language pack for myself or language setting)

Writers Fantasy Language packs
(If I were a writer & I developed a unique language with a particular dictionary I should be able to reference documentation about how I could create a language pack for my particular language for myself, my documentation of things written in my fantasy language & a language pack that I could offer to the other people whom were affiliated with my fantasy language usage)

Further development of Locales & other settings for the Greek Language
(If I were a Greek Pagan & I had discrepancy with various Debian files that appertained culture & I wanted to make a custom debian package which catered to the sensitivities & issues of Greek Pagans in society today, I should be able to reference documentation so that I could make those changes)

New Language Development Language Packs
(If I were a Native American & I wanted a language pack for my particular heritage & tribal language & I wanted to edit the various cultural documents included by default in Debian, then I should be able to reference documentation about how I would go about implementing those changes)

Much oblige.

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