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Re: Defaulting to i686 for the Debian i386 architecture

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:
> For those wanting to check their systems, this may help:
>   sed -ne '/^flags /{s/\b\(fpu\|tsc\|cx8\|cmov\)\b/%/g;s/[^%]*//g;s/%%%%/i686 SUPPORTED/p}' /proc/cpuinfo

Oops - that's meant to be a TAB.  Make that:

  sed -ne '/^flags\t/{s/\b\(fpu\|tsc\|cx8\|cmov\)\b/%/g;s/[^%]*//g;s/%%%%/i686 SUPPORTED/p}' /proc/cpuinfo

Cheers, Phil.
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