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Re: Linux kernels v3.18.x and v4.2.x in sid

On 27/10/2015 10:31, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> Hm, kernel.org says that 3.18 is the long-term support kernel.
> I'm afraid that LTS from kernel.org != stable support from Debian.
> Debian typically picks a single kernel version for a stable release and
> supports it for the lifetime of that release. Of course the LTS support
> from kernel.org for that particular version is valuable in achieving
> that. For Jessie the chosen release is 3.16 (LTS in this case is by
> Canonical not kernel.org)

I got it, many thanks for the information. Branch 3.18 at kernel.org has
now version 3.18.22 and will keep on increasing. Does it mean that
Debian team ports commits from 3.18.x to 3.16 branch to provide LTS for it?

> For the testing and unstable releases the Debian kernel team typically
> tracks the regular mainline kernel releases (perhaps one or two behind
> depending on $factors) with a view to arriving at a suitable LTS kernel
> at some appropriate point before the freeze for the next Debian
> release.
> Experimental is usually tracking upstream rcs more closely.
> This is why testing+unstable currently have moved on to 4.2 and
> experimental has a 4.3 rc in it and 3.18 is no longer current in any
> suite.

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