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Bug#802151: RFA: cowdancer -- pbuilder running on cowdancer

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I recently upgraded my laptop to an SSD. I was very impressed with the
new found speed I was experiencing but when I went to reinstall
cowbuilder, I noticed it had fallen out of testing.

I've fixed up some of the issues with the cowdancer package, the source
package for cowbuilder, and uploaded it. It has now migrated back to

I've moved this package into the pbuilder-maint team, but I'd like to
request an adopter for the cowdancer package, a named person, who will
be able to take care of it going forward.

I mainly work in the Debian Pure Blends area and this saturates my time,
I would not be able to develop cowbuilder or qemubuilder to provide the
new features that may be needed over time, all I can do is keep it from
falling out of the archives and perform simple bug fixes.

The package description is:
 'cowbuilder' command is a wrapper for pbuilder which allows using
 pbuilder-like interface over cowdancer environment.
 pbuilder is a tool for building and testing Debian package inside a clean
 chroot, and cowbuilder allows chroot to be recreated using
 hard-linked copies with copy-on-write, which makes creation and
 destruction of chroots fast.



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