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Re: init script, installed but not activated

On Thu, 2015-10-08 at 00:36 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> Debian daemons should by default start - then those not wanting them to 
> start can suppress that.  The opposite requires far more custom work for 
> those who do want daemons to start than it does to suppress startup.

Yes, I'm inclined to agree - in general at least.

> I believe what you are missing is policy.d: 
> https://people.debian.org/~hmh/invokerc.d-policyrc.d-specification.txt 
> http://blog.zugschlus.de/archives/974-Debians-Policy-rc.d-infrastructure-explained.html
> https://packages.debian.org/policyrcd-script-zg2
> How it translates to systemd I don't know, however.

Thanks for those pointers; I was aware of invoke-rc.d/policy-rc.d but
not quite familiar enough with how they're supposed to work. I still
don't think they're adequate alone, but before we get on to that, can
anyone clarify how/whether they integrate with systemd?


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