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Re: Fwd: Trilinos: to split or not to split?


On 05-10-15 11:30, Graham Inggs wrote:
> Hi All
> Nico and Felix are seeking guidance on whether to split the Trilinos
> binary packages so that each installs a single shared library or
> whether to lump them all together, as was done in the previous
> packaging (trilinos 10.4.0.dfsg-1, RM'd 2012-05-15).  Policy advises
> "When in doubt, always split shared library packages so that each
> binary package installs a single shared library" [1].  Their current
> packaging [2] is split into 90+ pacakges.

If you are worried about the sheer number of packages, I think grouping
all the -dev packages into one may make sense here (@Graham: as we did
with motif).


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