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backporting gdb for debugging PIE data backporting ipxe to squeeze Backport of pkg-php-tools Bug#657739: nginx: Regression after squeeze: no longer listens for IPv6 connections by default. Bug on my VGA driver dak giving me the silent treatment Re: dpkg backport in NEW drupal7.10-1 backports request Re: Feature-request: WebM support for Squeeze geneweb backported to squeeze (was: Re: Request) Git backport update, please How to generate debian/rules file for a kernel backport? Re: icinga-idoutils does not work out of the box /init: 239: mv: not found intel graphics crashes with backported kernel and X11 stack [was: Re: Bug on my VGA driver] Issues / feedback about libvirt-bin 0.9.8-2~bpo60+2 from squeeze-backports kernel 2.6.39 upgrade Kernel 3.x libreoffice: Combobox crash Libreoffice Calc when defined the source field libreoffice: Libre office calc: Font size alteration only applies to plain text libreoffice-writer: Vowelized Hebrew text doesn't print properly Re: New X stack backport? New X stack backport? (was: sandybridge second generation […]) no mails from bpo since move to b.d.o Re: Outdated linux-2.6 backport Re: Proposed update to python-debian qemu-kvm (1.0) sqeeeze-backports request to fix libvirt (0.9.8-2) and debian linux-ha clusters Request Request: chrony 1.24-3.1 to fix incompatibility with kernel 3.2 request: php5-fpm in squeeze backports? samba (2:3.6.1-3) squeeze-backports request sandybridge second generation and squeeze -- problems RE: sandybridge second generation and squeeze -- problems: SOLVED The last update was on 20:24 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 139 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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