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How to generate debian/rules file for a kernel backport?


I hope you'll forgive my asking a possibly stupid question, but how do I
properly fix up a kernel source package to roll my own binary that is
compatible to the backports naming and abi version?

There have been no updates for linux-image.2.6.32-bpo.5 in
lenny-backports for a while, and I urgently need to upgrade a couple of
boxes running that kernel because it's got that nasty divide-by-zero
oops somewhere in the scheduler code.

There's a workaround available in linux-image.2.6.32-38, and a number of
CVE relevant fixes in -39squeeze1 which I'd love to have on my boxes, too.

I do know how to build a binary package from a Debian source package,
and I've modified the debian/changes to show that I'm building my own
backport, but I'm wondering what else I need to do in order to build a
binary package that'll upgrade the existing lenny-backports kernel?
Specifically, is there a quick and easy way to change debian/rules so
that it'll generate binary packages with the -bpo.5 abi name?

I do want my kernel to stay in the backports naming convention so that a
later backports.org update could easily supercede my own efforts.

TIA for your help!


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