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Re: icinga-idoutils does not work out of the box

Hajo Möller schrieb am Tuesday, den 03. January 2012:

> On 01/03/2012 03:40 PM, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > sed -i -e 's/local-service/generic-service/' \
> >  /etc/icinga/objects/ido2db_check_proc.cfg
> > 
> > also does the trick.
> Thank you, it works as expected.
> Would it be safe to replace "local-service" with "generic-service" in
> third-party checks?
The check itself never requires a template. And if local-service or
generic-service matches your expectations is own your own.

Check the definition and see if its settings fits you. The shipped templates
are just some examples or starting points.

> >> Also, is there some documentation which shows the "correct" way how to
> >> get the packages to work? I haven't found any.
> > Everything should just work, or debconf asks you the needed questions. What
> > are you missing?
> I'm just wondering why /usr/share/doc/icinga-common/examples/ exists
> without apparently being documented anywhere but in itself, as I assumed
> I have to use these templates to get Icinga up and running.
This are the examples from icinga upstream and they are not needed for
anything. But I will add a short paragraph in README.Debian.

> Thanks again for your help,
You are welcome, the bug is already fixed in git and I will provide a -2
upload to unstable soon. So this bug should get in ~10-12 days in backports.

For all unpatiend guys there is http://icingabuild.dus.dg-i.net/.


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