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Re: samba (2:3.6.1-3) squeeze-backports request

Quoting Jelle de Jong (jelledejong@powercraft.nl):
> Hello everybody,
> I had some issues with samba 3.5.11 with deadlocks, giduid's and
> permission and talked to a samba developer today.
> He strongly recommended 3.6.1 because there are a lot of fixes made to
> some key components.
> 3.6.1 is in debian weezy, would somebody be willing to make a new
> backport? http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/samba

Oh, I'm late in this. Apparently, I forgot to follow my usual policy
with samba and backport versions once they entered testing.

I'll try to do this. I only fear the recent changes in packaging that
appeared in 2:3.5.11~dfsg-4, where Steve switched the package to
DH7-style debian/rules, bumping the debhelper compatibility to 9. I
might have to make some changes to the packaging so that building in
squeeze works. In short, for once, things won't be "only" merging
changes between two tags in our VCS.

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