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Re: /init: 239: mv: not found

On 24.01.2012 20:05, off220@gmail.com wrote:
> It doesn't ask for input. Running update-initramfs -u doesn't change anything.
> here's the screenshot of what happens http://itmages.ru/image/view/400200/4743f90a
> And IMO there's nothing suspicious in boot.log, but here's it http://pastebin.com/KM1PFmQK

So it is your /init:
(this is taken from old initramfs-tools, new use /run):

        # The initramfs udev database must be migrated:
        if [ -d /run/udev ] && [ ! -d /dev/.udev ]; then
                mv /run/udev /dev/.udev
        # The initramfs debug info must be migrated:
        if [ -d /run/initramfs ] && [ ! -d /dev/.initramfs ]; then
                mv /run/initramfs /dev/.initramfs

That's wrong that it does not move things.

Do you have busybox installed on your system?
If yes, which version?


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