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Re: dpkg backport in NEW

* Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> [2012-01-23 07:20:46 CET]:
> And it's also creating issues like someone can't check the version of
> dpkg using packages.debian.org, then might depend on the wrong version
> of dpkg.

 Uh?  What has checking the version of dpkg on packages.d.o to do with
depending on the wrong version of dpkg?  If you depend on a specific
version of dpkg you depend on that specific version of dpkg, I fail to
see any connection what this has to do with the package version listed

> I have just uploaded MLMMJ with a depends dpkg-dev (>=
> instead of, because of this.

 If you put that version in there I would assume you to use a feature
that was introduced in instead of whatever version is in any
part of the archive.  If you do it because a specific version is in a
specific release instead of a specific feature being in a specific
version, there are troubles with your packages.

 So please tell me that I got you wrong and misunderstood you - or that
you misunderstood how things are going to work and will do properly in
the future.

> Yes, I did forgot to check the new queue in backports, and realized my
> mistake few minutes after the upload (at least I saw and understood
> it), but should we be expecting everyone to check the backports new
> queue?

 Noone is expected to check any queue, people are expected to put
versioned depends for specific feature requirements in the dependency,
not because those versions are sitting in any part of the archive or any

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