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Re: samba (2:3.6.1-3) squeeze-backports request

On 22/01/12 19:41, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Jelle de Jong (jelledejong@powercraft.nl):
>>> Which has also been converted to debhelper 9 compatibility level
>>> and therefore isn't trivial to backport, too. In short, a samba
>>> backport will have to wait at least for the next week-end.
>> I will be very grateful and patient :D
> I just uploaded the squeeze backport of ctdb. Finally, changes were
> not that big, only dropping debhelper9 specific syntax in
> debian/libctdb-dev.install
> .../...
> Doh, I forgot listing changes since last squeeze version. So, I'll
> have to wait until bpo ftpmasters reject the package

Do you think samba 3.6 will make it to backports/squeeze before FOSDEM?
(upcomming weekend) Then we have something to celebrate.

(Hit a Samba bug again today on production machine that should be solved
with 3.6)

Kind regards,


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