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Issues / feedback about libvirt-bin 0.9.8-2~bpo60+2 from squeeze-backports


Since I've upgraded libvirt-bin to 0.9.8, I have three errors in /var/log/libvirt/libvirtd.log:

- pm-is-supported not found:

2012-01-19 15:20:38.717+0000: 11198: error : virExecWithHook:328 : Cannot find 'pm-is-supported' in path: No such file or directory
2012-01-19 15:20:38.717+0000: 11198: warning : umlCapsInit:87 : Failed to get host power management capabilities

I've solved this by installing the package "pm-utils". Perhaps a dependency is missing.

- a problem with libvirt network (I think):

2012-01-19 15:20:37.948+0000: 11198: error : virCommandWait:2192 : internal error Child process (/bin/sh -c EBT=/sbin/ebtables
cmd='$EBT -t nat -L'
eval res=\$\("${cmd} 2>&1"\)
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then  echo "Failure to execute command '${cmd}' : '${res}'.";  exit 1;fi
) status unexpected: exit status 1

I have no solution for that at the moment. Help is welcome.

- Finally, an error already encountered with 0.9.2, when I stop a domain:

2012-01-19 17:33:20.112+0000: 15957: error : qemuMonitorIO:560 : internal error End of file from monitor

I think it's mainly a cosmetic problem (?).


Best regards,

Jean-Luc D.

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