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Re: New X stack backport?

Andreas Beckmann <debian@abeckmann.de> (12/01/2012):
> Maintaining the non-free graphics drivers (nvidia, nvidia-legacy-173xx,
> nvidia-legacy-96xx, fglrx), I'd like to keep the old Xserver versions
> available. The proprietary drivers are compatible with all old video-abi
> versions, but it usually takes some time until they add support for new
> Xserver releases (which bump the abi).

Disclaimer: While I don't intend to intentionally break non-free stuff,
I can't say I care about them. My focus is on free software.

> Right now Xserver 1.10 from squeeze-backports is needed for the
> nvidia-legacy drivers in sid (upstream has not yet abandoned them, but
> not yet made a release supporting 1.11 in wheezy/sid) and I'm
> considering backporting the legacy drivers to squeeze-backports, too
> (would e.g. add support for the backports kernel and we could point
> users to a place where a working combination of Xorg + legacy driver is
> available).

So you might benefit from keeping the current 1.10-based stack on some
external (non-backports.debian.org) website, and adding that there?

> Current nvidia-glx in squeeze-backports, wheezy and sid work in 1.11,
> but there may be issues that do not occur in 1.10.

Same story as the 1.10 stack as a whole, I guess.

> fglrx now supports 1.11, but there still seem to be issues ...  (fglrx
> backport is ancient ... requiring Xserver from squeeze not backports)

Meaning it isn't involved in the “backporting a whole X stack” story,
which means “we don't need to care”, if I parse it right.


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