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geneweb backported to squeeze (was: Re: Request)

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> Quoting Roel Wagenaar (roel@wagenaar.nu):
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Is this the proper place to request for addition of a program to backports, I
> > would very much like to see Geneweb backported to squeeze-backports.
> I just uploaded geneweb_6.03-1~bpo60+1 to squeeze-backports. Let's
> cross fingers for /me to not screw up in anything and the upload being
> accepted by our tireless bpo administrators...:-)

This package was accepted yesterday by backports admins (thanks,
guys!). I hope it will be of good use for some geneweb users.


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