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Re: New X stack backport?

On 2012-01-12 12:27, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I'm still not too sure whether to replace the backported X stack
> entirely or whether to publish a squeeze-backports repository on my own
> website with source + binaries for i386 and amd64, so that people can
> try 1.10 from squeeze-backports, or 1.11 from my repository if that's
> not enough.

Maintaining the non-free graphics drivers (nvidia, nvidia-legacy-173xx,
nvidia-legacy-96xx, fglrx), I'd like to keep the old Xserver versions
available. The proprietary drivers are compatible with all old video-abi
versions, but it usually takes some time until they add support for new
Xserver releases (which bump the abi).

Right now Xserver 1.10 from squeeze-backports is needed for the
nvidia-legacy drivers in sid (upstream has not yet abandoned them, but
not yet made a release supporting 1.11 in wheezy/sid) and I'm
considering backporting the legacy drivers to squeeze-backports, too
(would e.g. add support for the backports kernel and we could point
users to a place where a working combination of Xorg + legacy driver is

Current nvidia-glx in squeeze-backports, wheezy and sid work in 1.11,
but there may be issues that do not occur in 1.10.

fglrx now supports 1.11, but there still seem to be issues ...
(fglrx backport is ancient ... requiring Xserver from squeeze not backports)


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