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Backport of pkg-php-tools


php-mail-mime has been in backports.d.o for quite a while. I did the
backport because it was requested by the maintainers of roundcube, which
package depends on php-mail-mine.

Since there was an issue with version 1.8.0 of the Mail_Mime package
which also affects roundcube, and that it needed an update to 1.8.2, I
packaged the new upstream version in SID (see #656265).

But as for all of the other PEAR packages that I maintain in Debian, I
switched it to use pkg-php-tools, which really, is a great tool to
simplify packaging of PEAR packages in Debian. Thanks to it, it's easy
to use dh 8 short style (aka, debhelper sequencer), it reduces the
chances of doing mistakes (because the debian/rules is overly simple).
So my php-mail-mime package now build-depends on pkg-php-tools, and a
backport of it would be needed in order to upload php-mail-mine.

I've been using pkg-php-tools in Squeeze for a long long time already
(my own private backport), and it has always worked great. (After all,
it's just a bunch of perl scripts as plugin for dh, and there's no
reason it would fail.) It would also be useful for many other small PEAR
package backports.

Mathieu Parent, a DD who is upstream and maintainer of pkg-php-tools in
Debian, and also part of the HORDE packaging team, wont be available in
the forthcoming future (notice that I've Cc: him in this message).

For all these reasons, I'm planing on uploading a backport of
pkg-php-tools in the next following days, unless either Mathieu (or
someone else) oppose to it. I believe I will do that after php-mail-mime
will reach testing in 9 days.

So if you think there's a valid reason why I shouldn't do that, please
reply to this message now.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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