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Re: Request

Quoting Roel Wagenaar (roel@wagenaar.nu):
> Hi all,
> Is this the proper place to request for addition of a program to backports, I
> would very much like to see Geneweb backported to squeeze-backports.


I am the maintainer of geneweb.

I think that backporting it is feasible but haven't tried this yet. I
don't foresee any packaging change that would be needed but, frankly
speaking, I haven't tried yet as the current geneweb version in
squeeze is much enough for my own use (and from my reading of upstream
devel list, I don't see that many changes between 5.02 and 6.0x as the
numbering change is mostly here to reflect the upstream maintenance

So, I really can't promise anything and it's quite likely that I don't
invest that much time in a backport.

it would already help is someone could try just compiling the current
package in testing in a squeeze chroot.

(doh, of course, while writing this, I'm already trying...)

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