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a1200 and fat floppies, 2.2.25 Amiga-Floppydrives Build my own kernel Build timing out CC112 VME board chroot woes [ Re: Installing build-dependencies for plplot] dchroot on crest Debian-68k, bhPDdfkBNitEUFXevQFECPaUUDTFxOEzWudZznBnyVRtAOxWHc Debian-68k, EhHYvePkWrIewRjyYJTyGvdKFowUaOMEXuDrzuDvLmAtgJHevA Debian available as tarballs? Does Debian work in a MVME2434-1? gcc-3.3.1ds0-0pre0 Re: IDE/GUI-editor for PHP/Perl/HTML/Javascript Files in KDE Jokeline kernel modules Unresolved kullervo (sbuild/m68k) broken? LC 630 Problems LDAP Referral via Browser Errors Linux/m68k Feature Status Mac Linux Boot Problem Mac Quadra 700: known problem w/ Ethernet ? Re: Quadra 950: System clock <--> Hardware clock questions serial printing working on m68k yet? subscribe What compiles and Works in 2.4 kernels wwody XFree86's HasLinuxInput symbol and m68k The last update was on 15:03 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 88 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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