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Re: Mac Quadra 700: known problem w/ Ethernet ?

Hi, Ray Knight wrote:

> Are you using the same cable and hub/switch with both systems?  Some of
> the Asante cards won't work properly with a 10/100 switch.  If you're
> using the same cable and hub/switch I'd suspect the Q700.  Does the Q700
> have any other NuBus cards?  It's possible a bad NuBus card is creating
> interference on the bus.
Everything else stayed the same (I'm not stupid ;-). It's a 10-only port
on the switch, and I also tried Thinwire AND a different card. No other
card (note the singular, it only has two slots...).

Oh well, looks like a dud Mac then. It only cost EUR10 on ebay anyway.  :-/

> As for the "receiver overrun" errors on the AAUI port this is a common
> problem with the Sonic driver and on-board Sonic Ethernet.  I've tried to
> resolve the problem, but my attempts only seemed to make it worse. Traffic
> on the Ethernet segment seems to have some effect on this

On my Mac it happens with the first received packet. :-/

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