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CC112 VME board


I have a compcontrol cc112 VME board. Specs are:

- 20 MHz 68030/68882
- 4 MB local RAM
- 2 serial ports (SCN2681)
- SCSI (wd33c93)
- an OS/9 boot eeprom with debugger

I have full documentation, but not enough time/experience to get linux
running on this. I have so far managed to load some code from a serial
port that printed some messages to the other serial port, but I'm lost
as soon as I look at the kernel boot and memory mapping code. I guess
that once I have a booting kernel I can manage the individual drivers.

I would like to get this running so I can use my VME serial and digital
IO boards, but I do not really know how to proceed. Another alternative
would be trading it for a supported VME board with someone who likes a

Any response would be appreciated.


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