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Re: a1200 and fat floppies, 2.2.25

> > i can't access pc-formatted floppies under 2.2.25, amiga1200.
> > amiga standard ones[ affs] worked fine. mount -t vfat and mount -t msdos
> > spit this on current console and continuously trying to read something
> > from floppy, making noise and MFM_HEADER lines every ~0.7 seconds:

> You need to use /dev/mfd0 for MS-DOS format floppies. I'm not sure if
> the node is created by default, if not you might be able to create it
> with MAKEDEV.

thanks a lot. i've just googled for "MAKEDEV /dev/mfd0" and found
an pretty old[ "at this time, two kernel trees exist: 0.9.x and 1.2.13plx" ;)]
document about linux/m68k.. so, "mknod /dev/mfd0 b 2 4" works fine.

but why /dev/mfd0 doesn't exist in current debian/m68k distribution?

zmej serow  (zmej.920.spb.ru 80)
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