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Re: Does Debian work in a MVME2434-1?

debian-m68k is the wrong place for your question: The architecture of the MVME24xx is PowerPC/PreP, so next time debian-powerpc would be better :-).

I am running Debian with tftp boot and NFS root on an MVME2432 (350MHz,
64MB Ram).

sarge, woody, potato: They all work very well, except for one difficulty:
The installation should work using the files in
but for my system (serial console, no hard disk) the installation kernel
didn't work. So I had to cross compile another one at first.

       Jan Görsmann

Pablo de Vicente wrote:
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     > Hello,
> I have just suscribed to this list (I am in other Debian lists). In
our job
> we are considering the possibility to buy a MVME2434-1 board and make
it work
     > with Debian. I would like to know if anybody has experience
installing Debian
     > in these boards. These board belongs to the MVME2400 series.
     >   I know that Linux (RedHat) works in a MVME2401-1, the board we
     > intented to buy, to connect it to our correlator. However this
board is
     > discontinued and the manufacturer proposes as alternate MVME2434-1.
     > to the manufacturer (Motorola) the only difference between these two
     > is RAM and speed.
     > I would appreciate some information. If we succeed installing Debian
in this
     > board we will have Debian in 3 different architectures in our job.
     > many thanks in advance.
     > Pablo de Vicente
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