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Re: Build my own kernel

Le jeu 05/06/2003 à 08:03, Ray Knight a écrit :

> Every mac68k kernel I've built for two years or so has been built with
> gcc version 2.95.4.  These kernels run fine on the 12 different Macs I
> have and are used with no complaints by many other Mac users.  I'd say
> there is no need to use gcc272.

I compile my kernels since years on an A2000, all kernels, at least
since 2.2.10 were compiled with more recent version than 2.72. I am
currently using a 2.4.20 (the third I think) compiled with 2.95.4.
But, last year I had problems with broken binutils (at least for a 060).


JP Pozzi

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