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Re: Mac Linux Boot Problem

on 6/7/03 12:33 AM, Benzo Harris wrote:

>I get a black screen with the last line being ABCFGHIJ. Then the thing just
>sits there.

On my Quadra 700, this would happen whenever I allowed the Mac OS to use 
ethernet. Booting Mac OS with all extensions off is the sledgehammer fix, 
while I get by using Extensions Manager to turn off all network and 
ethernet extensions.

The SCSI boot option mentioned in another post seems to be necessary when 
you have 2 or more SCSI devices. When this was missing my Q700 would not 
hang at the ABCD... line, but random problems would occur after linux 
accessed the 2nd drive.

For reliable ethernet use with on-board (sonic) ethernet, I had to get 
the newer kernel and modules posted on sourceforge earlier this year.

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